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As the world plunges into the whirlpool of military, economic and environmental crises, with many nations and antagonistic forces vying for tactical & economic supremacy, information security has become an increasingly important component of national security.

Failed states have become arenas for informational confrontations between various parties. These types of confrontations can create a distortion of the perceived reality and complicate already fragile domestic situations exponentially. These situations clearly demonstrate the capabilities and powers of “information weapons” & the consequences of neglecting them.

Certain countries are at risk of becoming easy prey for malicious state and non-state actors due to a lack of financing, resources, or trained personnel.

Information-focused threats have and will continue to occur in the future. Those countries that can build an effective infrastructure to counter information threats will be able to proactively protect themselves from such antagonistic behavior.

So what does International Law say about this? & What legal recourse is there? According to the international law, one may have the retaliatory right to a proportional response when it comes to a cyber-attack, terrorist attack, or a conventional missile and bomb attack. However, when it comes to an information attack, there is no provision for an act of retaliation.

Moreover, most governments have not developed systems for monitoring, recognizing, and classifying information strikes. Accordingly, they do not know how to react in such a situation. Some governments have established units to monitor and combat malicious information activity but suffer from a lack of experienced specialists. Some have taken no steps at all in this direction.

The severity and impact of weaponized information jeopardizes states by attacking their weak points and, in doing so, acts in a similar way to a virus.

Government bodies and state institutions are often prime targets for information attacks and malicious information activity in general.

The solutions that Tarand offers help boost the immunity of states, governments, and specific governmental bodies by training & educating civil servants. This program can prepare and equip these key individuals with the know-how to guard the people and states they represent against such antagonism.

The purposes of this kind of malicious activity can vary from weakening the country by general destabilization of the situation or creation of hotbeds of tension to attempts to overthrow the government.

In addition to training and raising awareness, our solutions also assist with the development of proactive measures.

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