Never before in history has information been so easily accessible and so difficult to manage at the same time

We provide inovative information security solutions

“Tarand” is a project that studies, highlights and provides solutions to the issues related to information war and disinformation campaigns. Whether we like it or not, information warfare, disinformation and manipulation attempts have become our daily reality.
Moreover, information warfare and psychological operations have become instruments of international politics. Large corporations and medium-sized companies, political circles and terrorist groups began to use methods and techniques that were previously available only to major states and their secret services. We brought all this ourselves to our homes and our workplaces via our smartphones, computers, TVs and tablets.

Information self defence

Tarand is a unique, unparalleled project that not only provides a comprehensive analysis of the processes associated with information war and disinformation, but also gives you an opportunity to undergo training on “info self defense” and thereby expand your understanding of the issue, knowledge and “information self defense” capabilities, if you, your company or organization became a target of an information attack or attacks.
Our services are mainly tailored to small and medium-sized organizations, as well as individuals or groups of people who have been exposed to information attacks or who feel the risk of such attacks.
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What does Tarand mean?
It is a mythical animal from European mythology. According to ancient chronicles, Tarand had the ability to change the color of its fur and disguise itself depending on the natural environment around it, therefore it was very difficult to find it, let alone to catch it.

Our mission is to empower you to protect yourself and others

In our world, disinformation, propaganda, fake news, information operations are also skillfully disguised for an audience, society, and country. Due to skillful disguise people, organizations and entire countries find it difficult sometimes to distinguish truth from lie, natural processes from deliberate manipulation.

We live in a world where information can be weaponized

Everyone is at risk, and not just professionals and politicians, malicious actors can target anyone and everyone! These malicious actors know no boundaries. They will take what you value the most and use it against you. It is essential to protect yourself and those around you in the evolving information age. Our entire lives are going virtual, and this is no longer just about email or computer hacking, this is about the existence of people and organizations whose goal is to use real and fake information against you, in every possible way.

Tarand offers a unique product that helps you understand what is happening and protect yourself!

Ali Hajizade

Founder and CEO

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