The Future is Now: Human-focused information security.

Rapidly Evolving Threats

Tarand specializes in training solutions for employees and members of governments, military personnel, and organizations to defend against malicious information activity. Information warfare, disinformation campaigns, and social media manipulation have become a daily reality, bringing about a broad range of harmful effects that directly impact the ability to conduct successful business and policy initiatives.

Cyber security systems are designed to protect computer systems and networks but do not take into consideration the human element of information security. Tarand focuses on empowering those utilizing digital systems by providing them with the tools needed to combat a new age of information manipulation targeting individuals.

Knowledge is Defense

Our training programs provide a deep dive into the world of information war and manipulation. With the strengthening of cyber security measures, malicious actors now see people as the most vulnerable point of access to militaries, companies, and governmental entities. Tarand helps prepare employees, members, and individuals to face these threats by providing the tools and knowledge needed to identify and react to information attacks. Social media and the broader Internet present a significant challenge, and the only way to mitigate such a challenge is through awareness and knowledge.
What does Tarand mean?
It is a mythical animal from European mythology. According to ancient chronicles, Tarand had the ability to change the color of its fur and disguise itself depending on the natural environment around it, therefore it was very difficult to find it, let alone to catch it.

Our mission is to empower you to protect yourself and others

Tarand provides human-focused information security training to employees and members of governments, military personnel, and organizations, as well as those who have been exposed to information attacks or are at risk of such attacks. We aim to make our World a safer place by giving our users the tools they need to effectively defend themselves against malicious actors around the world. In the end, our goal is to empower our users with the truth, as this is necessary for the success and stability of both business and governments. Our online training programs combine expert knowledge with an interactive learning design, providing users with an engaging and deeply informative solution.

We live in a world where information can be weaponized

Everyone is at risk, and not just professionals and politicians, malicious actors can target anyone and everyone! These malicious actors know no boundaries. They will take what you value the most and use it against you. It is essential to protect yourself and those around you in the evolving information age. Our entire lives are going virtual, and this is no longer just about email or computer hacking, this is about the existence of people and organizations whose goal is to use real and fake information against you, in every possible way.

Tarand offers a unique product that helps you understand what is happening and protect yourself!

Ali Hajizade

Founder and CEO

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