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Enhancing Academic and Professional Education

Tarand is dedicated to enriching university education, offering specialized training programs that complement formal academic studies perfectly. Integrating cutting-edge topics like digital economy, artificial intelligence, information warfare, and media literacy into our curriculum helps bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application. We aim to enhance the competitiveness and mobility of students and professionals in the labor market, equipping them with the skills to navigate and innovate in an increasingly digital world.

Expanding Professional Capabilities and Market Readiness

Our comprehensive training programs are tailored to foster critical thinking and technical skills across various domains. From creative entrepreneurship that empowers the next generation of digital creators to advanced strategies for managing digital information and resources, Tarand provides learners with the tools to transform challenges into opportunities. These courses not only prepare participants for current job markets but also anticipate the future needs of industries, ensuring our trainees are always ahead of the curve.

What does Tarand mean?
It is a mythical animal from European mythology. According to ancient chronicles, Tarand had the ability to change the color of its fur and disguise itself depending on the natural environment around it, therefore it was very difficult to find it, let alone to catch it.

Specialized Training for Government and Military Efficiency

Tarand also focuses on specialized security training designed to enhance the operational efficiency and strategic immunity of government organizations and military personnel. Our targeted courses address the unique challenges these groups face in today's complex information landscape, helping them to effectively counteract and prevent information-based threats. By improving strategic responses and decision-making processes, we aid in safeguarding national and global security.

From our Founder, Ali Hajizade:

Initially, Tarand began as a startup focused on human-focused information security, catering primarily to individuals in high-risk groups. As our understanding of the educational needs across various sectors grew, we recognized the necessity to expand our offerings. Today, Tarand provides a diverse array of educational solutions, ranging from Artificial Intelligence Awareness to Digital Economy and Deepfake Awareness Training. Our goal is not to replace traditional university education but to complement it, enhancing the knowledge students acquire and increasing their competitiveness in the labor market.

Our offerings also extend to corporate clients, providing businesses with the means to continuously update their employees' skills, ensuring they remain productive and engaged. Government organizations also benefit from our training, which equips them to tackle new challenges and trends proactively, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and increasing governmental resilience against emerging threats in the information realm.

At Tarand, we are committed to constant evolution. We actively expand our portfolio to stay ahead of our students' current and future needs.

Ali Hajizade

Founder and CEO

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