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Information operations and the use of weaponized information are employed by malicious actors both in peace and war times. This duality makes information warfare a particularly unique and troublesome form of antagonism.

Weaponized information is a universal tool that can be adapted to any time, in any condition and circumstances.

For example, while even the most modern and expensive military UAVs have limitations related to weather conditions, flight distance, flight time, and firing range, though weaponized information has no such limitations at all. Plus, in skillful hands, weaponized information can sometimes produce a more profound and lasting effect.

Malicious actors understand this very well and consistently use it to their advantage. They have been adapting information operations both for conventional wars and for non-conventional responses. This mode of offense is considered perfect for operations in permanent and perpetual confrontations between parties.

With continuous technical and scientific research being carried out in this area, the: use, delivery, methods of influence, and dissemination of weaponized information is constantly being improved & evolving.

It has been observed that weaponized information assaults on military service personnel are one of the high-priority activity areas for malicious actors in the attempt to influence their “enemies.” These malicious actors constantly seek a route in to affect the mindset, morale, and sense of security of these individuals. What’s even more concerning is that these types of targeted information assaults occur in both peace and wartime.

There are no trenches, visible boundaries, and clear perceptions of the enemy's intentions in the psychosphere where this confrontation takes place.

Our solutions are aimed at boosting the immunity of military personnel through a series of educational programs and in-depth training. This training will give the military a proactive tool to prevent, cope with, adapt, and respond to such antagonistic efforts.

Tarand specialists constantly monitor malicious information activity and develop solutions and preventive measures in the field of human-focused information security.

The solutions developed by our specialists can be of assistance to both active military personnel and cadets of military schools.

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