For universities

Scientists, researchers, sociologists, and all manner of experts in academia postulate and predict the future state of the world and its societies. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, the future is uncertain. On this, all such experts tend to agree.

Our future will be shaped by the people who are now scholars & students at various universities all around the world. They study every subject known to man for the service of man. Indeed, today's students are the future of their countries and the world. What will this future be like? What risks and challenges will they face?

Undoubtedly, malicious information activity will remain a great risk and challenge for the present and an even greater one for the future.

Today, about 780 million people around the world do not have access to electricity, and about 2.7 billion people still do not have access to the Internet. Most of these people also do not have access to quality education. But are they out of reach from malicious information activity purely because they may be offline? Since malicious information activity extends far beyond just targeting the individual and into the realm of altering the perceptions and manipulating the masses, one cannot say that anyone is out of reach of the impact of information warfare.

Malicious actors recognize that there is a favorable environment that has evolved for such targeted actions, this is owed to the growing proliferation of the internet, improvement of methods for information creation/delivery, and the sophistication of manipulation methods. What the modern era is experiencing is a fierce fight over the hearts and minds of people and their data.

Societies with low awareness about malicious information activity become easy prey and fall victim to malicious actors. A strange duality has arisen in this context, it is developed, first-world countries who feel safest, yet it is this belief of perpetual safety that makes them most unaware and attractive targets for malicious information activity. A shortage of human-focused information security specialists exacerbates the already worsening situation.

That is why we at Tarand attach special attention to cooperation with universities. Our team develops courses, training, and entire curricula for university students. Our products help universities prepare students, faculty, and administrative staff for the human-focused information security challenges they already face today. It is imperative that we do not focus on fear-mongering, but at the same time, we must prepare those who will soon lead and influence, to be prepared for those who would derail others for their own interests.

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