Mexico Business News Features Tarand

In a significant recognition of our efforts to safeguard information integrity, Mexico Business News, the leading English-language business outlet in Mexico, recently highlighted Tarand in an insightful article by José Escobedo. The piece is not just a mere mention but a deep dive into the pressing global issues of disinformation, fake news, and the various forms of malicious information operations that are increasingly prevalent, with a unique lens on their impact in Mexico.
What sets this article apart is its focus on the innovative and proactive measures taken by the Tarand team. Our team’s dedication to devising strategies and solutions to counter these information threats is at the forefront. We are not just addressing the problem but are actively working towards creating a safer, more trustworthy information environment, emphasizing a human-centered approach to information security.
The article is further enriched by direct quotes from the founder of Tarand, Mr. Ali Hajizade, who offers a unique perspective on our vision and mission in this fight against information manipulation. These insights provide an inside look into the philosophy and driving force behind our innovative solutions.
This feature by Mexico Business News is a testament to Tarand’s commitment to excellence and our pivotal role in shaping the information security landscape. We invite our community and readers to delve into this article for a more profound understanding of the challenges we face and the solutions we offer. Discover the full story by following this link – Fake News and Disinformation become the sign of our times?

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