What does Tarand mean?

People often ask us what Tarand stands for and why we chose it as our name.

In fact, our name directly represents a major challenge that we face and is a symbol of our struggle.

A Tarand is a mythical, ancient animal referenced by Aristotle, Pliny, and Claudius Aelianus, and in some sources, it has been referred to as Tarandos, Tarandus, or Parandrus.

According to the descriptions of ancient authors, a Tarand has the ability to change the color of its fur depending on the environment in which it finds itself. Thus, blending and adapting to its surroundings make it very difficult to be caught.

The most successful information and disinformation operations are those that no one ever knows about. Operatives often blend reality (information) with fiction (disinformation) in an attempt to warp the truth to fit their narratives.

Throughout our trainings, we demonstrate how various malicious actors around the world attempt to influence their target audiences. The most sophisticated operations use the peculiarities of specific media landscapes in order to masterfully disguise themselves. The malicious actors blend and evolve within the context of local environments and movements, skillfully executing their objectives in an indirect and often irregular manner, so not to be detected.

This is happening all over the world right now, and few question or are even aware of how they are being manipulated. Media personalities, journalists, and even social media groups and profiles are working simultaneously to reach their objectives. The final goal is to shape your mind in a way that benefits the malicious actor, and by far the most effective way to do this is without anyone ever knowing.

Our company mission is to not only show you the reality behind the curtains but to provide you with the appropriate knowledge and skills so that you can spot out these new age Tarands. The stakes are high. As we will explain to you throughout our trainings, the information war has just begun. With advances in technology, malicious actors are now able to target at an individual level, at multiple points of contact, and in every corner of the globe.

Some modern sources claim that the ancient Tarand was nothing more than a reindeer, as these animals greatly change appearance throughout the year.

Similar to a Tarand, malicious information actors might also seem invisible, unidentifiable, and somewhat mythical, but in the end, there is always a tangible trail of tools and evidence left behind. Our trainings will guide you in identifying these trails by demonstrating what is used and how. In the end, we will help you see that the mythical Tarand is only a reindeer. Having this ability to see through the manipulation will allow you to protect yourself, your family, and your society against the increasing threat of malicious information actors.

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