Who will find the most value in our trainings?

Information security along with protection against information attacks, disinformation, fake news, and manipulation are increasingly becoming pressing issues around the world. Information is the ultimate weapon of the 21st century.

Raising information security literacy among the population, especially among those who belong to risk groups, is also an urgent issue.

Our vision is to provide practical training for businesses, NGOs, governmental organizations, and as an industry-first solution for regular people who are planning to become better educated in protecting themselves from new information threats emerging from our increased reliance on digital networks and tools.

Information security is not just cyber security. Information attacks, disinformation campaigns, information-psychological operations can and cause often more damage and harm than standard cyber-attacks.

Large organizations and corporations have the financial and technical capabilities to plan and conduct trainings aimed specifically at tackling the challenges and problems that they (potentially) face. But not everyone has the resources for this, particularly ordinary people.

That is why the training programs developed by Tarand’s experts provide teach the knowledge and raise awareness for those who did not previously have such opportunities. In addition, we try to make our trainings budget-friendly and affordable for small organizations, companies, and the average citizen.

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