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Tarand specializes in teaching individuals and organizations on how not to get lost in the modern information jungle. Our mission is to empower you to protect yourself and others.
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Who is this training for?

We work with individuals, corporations, and organizations at risk of Information Warfare. This includes small to medium-sized enterprises, journalists, researchers, and students who study Information Warfare, Disinformation, and Propaganda.

Public figures, activists, politicians, and human rights activists can also improve their knowledge of Information Warfare proactively to protect themselves through the Tarand training programs.

Corporate clients should contact us in order to arrange training for their employees.

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Analyses of current information conflicts

Reports by Tarand experts concern Information Warfare, Propaganda, Manipulation and Disinformation in different parts of the world. In order to read or download the reports, please register on our website.

Counteraction by China to suppress and remove Uyghur genocide from the international news agenda

This report is dedicated to China's attempts to remove Uyghur genocide from the information space.

Russian Covid 19 related information manipulations in the EU and US

This report is dedicated to Russian authorities' manipulation attempts during the pandemic.

The USA-Iran information war

This report is dedicated to the long-standing informational and ideological confrontation between the US and Iran.
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How do I know if I am experiencing an information attack?
  • A rapid increase in mentions of you in a negative context in the media and social networks.
  • Various negative information is published about you in social networks
  • Media outlets spread false information about you.
  • Anonymous users try to rewrite your Wikipedia article.
What to do if you became the target of an information attack?
  • Do not make emotional, rash statements, it can harm you and give attackers an advantage
  • Try to find the possible cause of the attack.
  • Try to trace the attack to its original source.
  • Don't panic. Instead, try to focus
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